Tech Tip: Offline Access to Case Lists and Judge Philosophies

The Problem
You are going to a tournament where there will be no WiFi access, but you want to be able to access the NDCA Caselist wiki or the Judge Philosophies Wiki.

The Solution
You can download a snapshot of the wiki using a Firefox extension called DownThemAll. Basically, DownThemAll's basic function is to take a list of links, and download, uh, them all. It's a very flexible program, so I'll take you through the basic setup to download the wiki

  1. Install firefox, if you haven't already
  2. Using Firefox, install DownThemAll from their website. You might need to click "Yes" to authorize the site to install an extension

  3. Navigate to the NDCA Caselist wiki, or any page you want to grab all the links from

  4. In firefox, go to Tools > DownThemAllTools > DownThemAll...

  5. Check "All Files" under filters, and then uncheck files that aren't Case List pages (reduces strain on the server)

  6. In "Save Files In", point it to where you want the case list files to be. Each page will be saved to a seperate file, so you probably want to make a new folder

  7. In Renaming Mask, type
    exactly as you see it.

  8. Click "Start!" A new window pops open with the download progress. It will take a few minutes, depending on your internet connection

  9. You get a bunch of html files in the "save in" directory. Double-click or drag-and-drop to open in a web browser. You'll lose the styling, but all the info should be there

This is what the DownThemAll window looks like:


  • This will put more strain on the NDCA server than normal usage, so to be a good citizen you should have one representative from your team download the files, and then distribute them amongst the team as a zip file

  • DownThemAll will ask you what you want to do with duplicate names, which you'll get if you run the process again in the same directory. For this, it's probably best to "overwrite"

The Race for the MDTA Cup: Week 4/5

It's been two weeks and six Minnesota tournaments since the last MDTA Cup update, so plenty of motion in all events.

Policy Teams
1. Wayzata - Luke Plutowski and Johanni Thunstrom (8)
1. Wayzata - Mariah Donnelly & Devon Manley (8)
3. Bloomington - Ali Goodrum & Gracie Kroner (7)
3. Wayzata - Miranda Ehrlich and Meghna Sohoni (7)
5. Wayzata - Alex Aronovich and Carlee Nelson (6)
5. Bloomington - Devin Long and Tom Zimmer (6)
5. Sibley - Danny Bernick and Anna Koelsch (6)

LD Debaters
1. Coon Rapids - Robyn Sellman (17)
2. Apple Valley - Jon Slater (13)
3. Lakeville South - Dylan Slinger (11)
4. Lakeville North - Jayant Tripathy (10)
5. Eagan - Kunal Patel (9)

Public Forum Teams
1. Eagan - Rachel Markon & Iaan Reynolds (13)
2. Eagan - Haben Ghebregergish and Weronika Janczuk (11)
3. Eagan - Anne Beck & Matthew Burian (9)
4. Eastview - Bryan Larson & Anthony Stagner (7)
5. Eagan - Miles Norman and Emily Dallager (6)
5. Anoka - Sam Hughes & Lucia Martin (6)

Classic Teams
1. MPA - Greta Stacy & Eric Baudry (7)
2. Eastview - Mark Besonen & Kristine Hiedeman (5)
2. Eastview - C. Chang & L. Ramroop (5)
4. Eastview - Raghav Julakanti & Paige Kelly (4)
4. Eastview - Katie Baldwin & Caitlin Moran (4)
4. Rochester Century - Taylor Williams & Courtney White (4)

Policy Schools
1. Wayzata 28
2. Bloomington 18
3. Sibley 15
4. Eagan 14
4. Edina 14

LD Schools
1. Coon Rapids 24
2. Apple Valley 21
3. Lakeville South 18
4. Eagan 17
5. Lakeville North 16

PF Schools
1. Eagan 27
2. Eastview 14
3. Apple Valley 12
4. Lakeville South 12
5. Forest Lake 12

Classic Schools
1. Eastview 13
2. MPA 10
3. Stillwater 9
4. Rochester Century 6
5. Minnehaha 4
5. South St. Paul 4
5. Roseville 4

Overall Schools
1. Eagan 58
2. Apple Valley 33
3. Lakeville South 30
4. Wayzata 28
4. Coon Rapids 28

And more hard-hitting analysis
Debaters from Bloomington and Sibley are climbing up the policy scoreboard, which is still dominated by Wayzata despite some partner shake-ups and a trip to the Iowa Caucus. The W.E. Lillo is historically a turning point in the MN policy season, and it will be an important chance for teams to jump up the scoreboard. The policy race is still wide open.

Robyn Sellman from Coon Rapids has pulled forward in the LD race by grabbing the top honors at her last two tournaments, but the Minneapple offers a chance for big gains from multiple debaters, so she'll have to fight hard to keep the top slot. The LD schools race remains intensely competitive.

In PF, Brian and Anthony from Eastview have broken into the Wildcat wall at the top of the scoreboard. From what I can tell the two schools have not yet attended the same tournament, but if both are present at Apple Valley then it might be a turning point in the PF race.

The Classic cup race is still taking shape, but it looks like Greta and Eric from Mounds Park Academy are going to be the team to beat. If Eagan takes the overall schools cup (as they are currently well-positioned to do), Eastview would be in a position to take home both the Public Forum and Classic school awards, which I'm sure would look rather prestigious sitting next to each other.

Good luck at Lillo, the Minneapple, White Bear Lake, and Champlin Park.