Debate Camps are a scam

I know that there are a bunch of sites that sell debate evidence. Frankly, I think it's a little silly (and probably against the law), and I personally wouldn't ever make the decision to sell evidence, but it's a free country.

But selling camp evidence? I know that this has been going on for a while, but that's just ugly. Kids are pretty much required to go to debate camps to be successful in this day and age of debate. So they pay thousands of dollars to a college for the privilege. That college then takes their work, sells it for profit, and doesn't give the students back a dime. I mean I know you (hopefully) get more out of debate camp then a chance to cut cards, but that sucks.

End child exploitation. Boycott camp evidence.

Luckily, it looks like the fine folk at the NDCA are making this practice obsolete.


JMartin said...

Frankly, a tad more research might help your position.

Your link to with denigration of the choice to "sell camp evidence" (such as files from the CNDI) might be enhanced by the revelation that evtub is ran *by* the Cal debate team, who also runs the CNDI.

The money raised by, and CNDI, funds scholarships for the Cal Debate Program (

And, obvi, if your arg is "camps bad" providing high school debaters and programs access to the files produced at camps at a substantially reduced cost must be a good alternative.

Ryan Ricard said...

Josh (I am assuming that you are josh martin from evtub/caldebate), I only picked out because It was the one I had visited most recently. Lots of colleges run camps and then sell the evidence.

The fact that Cal itself is selling the CNDI evidence was part of my point. Now, funneling that money towards debate scholarships is obviously a pretty worthwhile endeavor, but you'd have to admit that the Cal Debate program benefits from this cash (and its ability to attract the best and brightest) as well.

I'm not trying to say camps bad. I'm really just trying to make a cheap joke.

Part of the reason that it's easy for me to make fun of camps that sell evidence is the fact that the NDCA made a bunch of camp evidence available for free. And huge Kudos to Cal and all the other camps that took part in this.