Ryan Judge 2.0: Dead Tree Edition

Since my laptop came down with a case of the gremlins, I was stuck flowing on paper this last weekend. Turned out not as bas as I was expecting. Obviously I got less detail on my flow than I did on a computer, and I still have to work way harder to get the damn columns straight than I should, but I didn't miss as much as I was worried about. I think I'm just a much better flow than I was in high school anyway.

I also realized that for novice debate (or bad upper level debate), flowing on paper is sooo much easier. When debaters go into "I am going to make arguments that may or may not apply to something" mode or jump all around the flow, paper makes it a whole lot easier to figure out what the heck is going on.

SO if you see me whip out the paper before I judge you... it's because my computer broke. Seriously.


CresceNet said...
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The Duck said...

I have a preference for paper flowing. Tried the laptop thing. No dice. When flowing on paper I feel I understand more of what is going on in the round despite the fact that on the laptop I may get more "logged."