seems like such a good idea until...

I'm generally OK with politics disads, but it gets a little annoying when congress is in the middle of landmark legislation during the gosh darned tournament. Apparently our fearless leaders have put a deal together, all that remains is to vote on it. Does that mean you can't use it as a disad? Does that mean you can (sort of the logical conclusion of the agenda crowd out scenario)? What if the deal passes in the middle of the day... do we all need to take a break between rounds and cut cards? What if we don't have a printer or a laptop?

I mean, the general rule of "Debaters should be prepared with up-to-date evidence" is good, and most of the time congress doesn't do much over the weekend, so it's not a big deal. This weekend is particularly bad, since we also had a presidential debate friday night. This might not be a big enough problem to "do something about," but it is pretty annoying. We should call the "Ev deadline" for the tournament at like Friday 5 PM or something. Nobody should have to decide between updated evidence and sleep.

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