Alright, this is it

I've been involved in debate for going on 8 years now, and those that know me know that I've been complaining about my pen for about as long. Name a pen. I've tried it and hated it.

G2s are OK, but they start to leak over your hands if you spin 'em. Also, I've never actually been able to get all the ink out of a G2 tube before it gums up, which is just maddening.

Using a Uni-Ball is a quick train to ink-all-over-your-handsville.

Ball Points are right out because they get lost in the photocopier, and they tend to make my hands hurt on account of the greater pressure required.

Expensive pens are expensive, and they usually are really heavy too.

I've even tried taking drastic measures to hack together a pen that meets my needs, but it turns out that the $6 refill for the $200 pen dries out if it's not in a capped pen. Shoot.

But no more. I'm here to announce that my long search is over.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the one pen to rule them all:

-It manages to write smoothly without getting ink all over my hands
-Ink is good to the last drop.
-Not too heavy, not too light
-Handles being photocopied
-Retractable, so no cap to lose
-Stainless steel body, which is not as prone to damage and looks pretty classy.
-A pack comes with two pens and two refills, and can be had for a reasonable price at just about anywhere.
-No third-grader cushy grip.

I can't tell you how happy this makes me. The life of a debater or coach is filled with little victories and little annoyances. Judges lounge out of food? irritating. Somebody lost the T file? Irritating. Got through one more card in 1AC? victory. Keep a neat flow or write a good ballot? victory.

These little things all add up, and it's nice to have one less thing to "deal with" over the weekend.